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Motor Power Range:     15 Kw - 355 Kw
Air Flow Capacity Range:  0.7 m3/min - 101.3 m3/min
Pressure Range:    4 bar - 10.5 bar


Based on the concept of energy conservation, consumption reduction, stability and durability , screw compressor adopts advanced air end and production technology to ensure reliable, stable and continous operation and running of the compressors under various working conditions . 

* The air end adopts German technology and all models of air compressor adopt direct-connected transmission, which makes the operation more stable.

*Optimized motor casing design: all designs of the motor meet international standards; innovative rotor design reduces the power loss of the motor by 40%. Wide voltage adaptation range makes the compressor more energy-saving and the air supply pressure more constant.

*The unique oil and air separation design ensures that the oil content (PPM) of exhaust air is less than 3PPM.

*The world famous brand electrical components, adopts silver contacts, with a service life more than 3 million times, safe use is guaranteed for a long time. 

*Professional industrial frequency converter: the energy-saving model of professional industrial frequency converter, the best technical design applied to the compressor, fully embodies the compressor technology of our brand, makes the customer's return on investment greater, and minimizes the power consumption.

*Intelligent control system: We expanded the relevant hardware and software based on PC control in response to the market demand for "technology automation", converted the status monitoring and operation data to the PC remote control platform, and provided a series of products and solutions for this purpose.


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